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The EOSC rules of participation address the need for inclusiveness, transparency and openness and set the rights and responsibilities of participants of the EOSC. There are two sets of rules: those for data and service providers and those for users.

The rules of participation for data and service providers include principles that drive the participation of service providers and users in EOSC. The main rule of participation is that EOSC services shall be registered in an EOSC compliant or compatible service catalogue visible to the global EOSC gateway. In the EOSC compatible catalogues, the registered databases and services must be described according to the appropriate EOSC guidelines, which could include information such as the service availability, functionalities, operations, maturity, user support, interoperability (metadata schemata supported), openness (licenses), privacy (GDPR compliance), terms of use and contractual framework.

Service and data providers that aim to become EOSC providers should have the following features:

  • Enable Machine-Readable Metadata, and include Persistent Identifiers along with a machine-readable description
  • Have detailed Terms of Use and Policies 
  • Ensure Accessibility and Interoperability using standards and APIs
  • Allow the portability of data and services
  • Provide information on any costs associated to use of the service and the charging model
  • Declare the minimum quality guidelines and fulfil them
  • State how data would be stored and processed, for sake of transparency

Users’ Rules of Participation may be provided within a framework such as the Terms of Use presented by the Service Providers, including at least the two following principles:

Data sharing and sustainability

  • In the domains where community-recognised data deposition repositories exist, users should be encouraged to deposit data in them as a first instance.
  • Users are recommended to publish their data in a FAIR format: and as open as possible and as closed as necessary

Acknowledgement of use of EOSC services

  • If requested by the Terms of Use of the data and service provider, users should acknowledge through citation in their publications, or by other means, the specific database, service/services accessed through the EOSC that have enabled their research.

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