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EOSCpilot Science Demonstrator: eWaterCycle & SWITCH-ON - FAIR data for hydrology


Central to the science of hydrology is the localised nature of the medium through which water flows. This science demonstrator seeks to create a fully FAIR Hydrological forecasting system, combining local and global models.

  • FAIR Output Forecast dataset
  • Fair Software for Hydrological Modelling
  • Fair Workflows for Hydrological modelling on EOSC
  • Community and Outreach


  • create FAIR versions of data required for running the hydrological models
  • FAIR software (source code and ready-to-run software)


  • We have worked on the FAIR data part of the project by making an overview of the FAIR-ness of each dataset we use and produce.
  • Making 3rd party data FAIR is proving to be a challenge, as most of the time it is simply not up to us to distribute and/or publish data, and a lot of metadata is missing that we need the actual data author for to create and/or find. Also, determining if a dataset is FAIR, and how much, is currently something for “FAIR experts”.
  • We worked making containerised versions of tools, libraries and execution environment to support 3 hydrological models, as well as tools for pre- and post-processing and data assimilation
  • All this software has been provided on GitHub repository
  • Not being enough to have all tools and models available, we also enabled a reproducible way of stringing these together, we used the Common workflow Language (CWL).
  • Data sharing solution between two models established to OneData a storage provider.
  • Reach out to the Hydrological community at key international events and workshops, like FAIR science EGU and OpenHydro meeting.


  • facilitate model comparison studies, the coupling of models and integration with different model components into larger community models
  • benefits for the water community when it comes to run coupled models to do operational predictions


Provide a number of basic services (such as Authentication, Dataset storage, workflow execution, dataset publication (DOIs) applicable for all of science.

Learn more of this Science Demonstrator on the EOSCpilot website.

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