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We are looking for concrete examples of "EOSC-in-practice" stories: submit yours!

What is an "EOSC-in-practice" story?

EOSC-in-practice stories are use cases or success stories that highlight how EOSC services and resources can support the daily work of researchers and innovators. Examples of EOSC-in-practice stories can be found here.

An "EOSC-in-practice" story should:

  • describe the scientific/technical/research/business challenge
  • explain how this challenge was tackled via the usage of the EOSC portal services & resources
  • highlight the benefits obtained from the EOSC (time/cost savings, efficiency, etc.)
  • demonstrate the cross Research Infrastructure Use Case benefits

How can I publish my "EOSC-in-practice" story on the EOSC portal?

  • Submit your story using the webform below
  • The EOSCportal editorial board will review and validate the content of your story
  • If your story meets the above-mentioned criteria, it will be published on the portal.

Why should I submit an "EOSC-in-practice" story?

  • To give visibility to your work (the best "EOSC-in-practice" stories will be showcased at the main EOSC-related events)
  • To share your experience with others that may benefit from the results of your work and adopt it
  • To make your contribution to the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)


Submit your "EOSC-in-practice" story:

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